12% Club Review: Is It Safe to Invest in This P2P Lending App?

12% Club Review

Is 12% Club too good to be true? In this 12% Club Review, you will know whether this short-term investment with a high return is actually trustworthy?

The 12% Club app is a well-known financial product from BharatPe (the famous fintech startup of India). 

The app lets you invest your money for lending, which later can be directly obtainable as a personal loan to the borrowers.

However, many queries also surface on the Internet that have made people skeptical and curious about their investment’s safety.

In case you have plans for any investment and desire easy day-to-day returns at a 12% interest rate per annum (which is also relatively more profitable than any FD). 

Then you must have an idea about the safety of the investment platform first where you’ll be putting your precious money. 

Here we’ll be giving a detailed review of the widely popular 12% Club.

What is the 12% Club App?

12% Club is a tech-based app that lets you borrow and lend funds, and it is powered by the popular fintech startup BharatPe. The platform functions as a sourcing and technology counterpart to the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs). 

It’s a platform where NonBanking Financial Companies give you a chance to make a return of up to 12%. 

How? Simple. 

You simply have to invest the amount with Non-Banking Financial Companies’ peer-to-peer platforms (“P2P NBFC Partners”). Also, the app permits borrowing from their lending counterparts at a 12% interest rate per annum.

Please Note: The 12% Club just serves as an agent to their Non-Banking Financial Companies counterparts and doesn’t ensure your return on investment.

Here’s A Detailed 12% Club Review

The app is fantastic for small investments and functions effectively to deliver a great customer experience. It is designed quite neatly and is easy to use with appropriate navigation. 

Thus, even if you have no technical knowledge, you can still independently invest your money conveniently.

The app is nowadays one of the largest B2B fintech lenders in India. Moreover, it has also gained considerable success with a run rate of 5 million dollars in monthly investment and a monthly borrowing run rate of 1 million dollars.

You can access the app easily on the Google Play Store, and downloading on Android and Windows platforms is also viable. It has experienced over 1 Million downloads and 10k reviews on the Play Store. Additionally, it has earned a 4.1-star rating on Google, too.

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Is It Safe To Invest Money in the 12% Club App?

Since the app is supported by some big names in the financial and banking sectors, like the Reserve Bank of India and BharatPe, it can be considered a safe app, and your money will be in safe hands too.

A person can invest 1000 rupees minimum to 10 lakh rupees maximum, and the amount can be instantly withdrawn at any time by the customers.

If you wish to invest and make some profitable returns by simply parking your money, you can smoothly create an account and count your money using any UPI app. 

However, our advice would be to invest a small amount of your savings and track the investment regularly because the most useful feature of this app is that you will gain interest in your investments daily.

Thus, there will be less possibility of losing your investments.

The app delivers a safe platform to its customers with the assistance of qualified experts. Most importantly, when you invest, there will be no settlement fees, and the amount will be transferred and deducted from your account daily. 

In short, the app works like a mini-bank, and even our country’s banks hold this default risk. 

Other features

1. Refer & Earn

The 12% Club has an attractive referral commission. Hence, every time someone registers through you, you earn a commission. 

2. Loan at 12% per annum.

As a lending platform, you can get a 12% per annum loan between ₹ 10,000 and up to ₹10,00,000. However, you must have good credit to get loan approval. 

All the loans have 3 months duration, and once it ends, they pull principal + interest from your registered bank account. E.g., if you borrow INR 1,00,000. The interest will be 12%, i.e., 3000 for 3 months. So, INR 33 per day interest is levied. 

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Here’s What Experts Have Said About The 12% Club

The Chief Executive Officer of BharatPe, Suhail Sameer, has stated, “As we start our journey on the consumer side, our priority will be to launch products that are industry-shaping, 100% digital and simple to use. This one-of-its-kind product for consumers has been devised to assure industry-best advantages both for lenders and borrowers.”

Suhail also told BharatPe’s P2P lending product for retailers has been industry-defined products, including a gross investment of nearly $700 million done by around 6.3 lakh merchants.

BharatPe stated there would be no processing or pre-payment fees on the consumer loans.

Also, the loan eligibility will be determined by several factors, such as the shopping history utilizing the Payback loyalty system or the expenses done through BharatPe QR and the consumer’s credit score.

“We think that 12 % Club will concur with modern, digitally smart consumers, young salaried people, the professionals who get disposable incomes, plus the investors who invest their funds in different financial instruments,” 

He also remarked that in the pilot stage, the organization had witnessed significant traction, with a monthly investment run rate of $5 million and a monthly borrowing run rate of $1.

We are sure this product will be competently accepted in the market and will play a critical role in driving financial inclusion in India. 

It is just the start, and we will be incorporating new customer products throughout the rest of the financial year, he stated.

He additionally remarked that BharatPe’s peer-to-peer lending product for retailers has gross investments of nearly $700 million, accomplished by over 6.3 lakh merchants.

BharatPe – which had lately raised $350 million in funding at a valuation of $2.85 billion – is supported by investors, including Tiger Global, Steadfast Capital, Dragoneer Investment Group, Coatue Management, Sequoia Growth, and Insight Partners.


With reference to online investment alternatives, safety should be your prime concern. Because a threat can happen anytime. As an accountable user, you must safeguard your personal details and credentials. 

If you wish to invest and explore the 12% Club app more, then we would suggest you invest just a small part of your capital at the start and go gradually; have a solid idea of the app’s features, functionalities, and other required details before you decide to invest a large amount.

I hope you liked this 12% Club Review, if yes please do comment below.

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