Ditto Insurance Review: The Most Honest Review You Read!

Ditto Insurance Review

Looking for a Ditto Insurance review? We’ve got you covered. Learn about what features & services the platform offers and if it’s the right fit for you.

If there’s one thing that one must find for themselves in the ongoing era is a well-secured insurance plan. The significance of having life insurance, health insurance, and others is underrated.

But how do you really find the right one?

Platforms like BankBazaar, Policy Bazaar, or Coverfox are regular insurance-selling companies that work on a similar tone and concept.

However, Ditto Insurance has emerged to have modular and need-based Insurance support services that cover the job of supporting Insurance companies while also ensuring that they present to their clients the best offer that well-suits their needs.

But how good is it in reality? What are a few features you must look for, and what features require mending? 

As per the experience of one of our clients with Ditto, we have all of it listed here to help you better understand the contemporary Insurance advisory site.

Ditto As A Modern-Age Insurance Policy Service Provider

Traditional insurance companies need a more commendable process that helps understand the various insurance portals and plans with efficacy. 

When dealing with insurance policies, it is mandated to think of selling the right insurance plan to the customer. 

One important criterion while selling the insurance plan is to understand the needs of the customer before proposing any plan. Here is when insurance advising companies and firms need to change their ideology.

A Brief Guide on Ditto Insurance and their Service Offerings!

Now, let’s jump back to Ditto and look at its terms and policies for meeting people’s interests and needs while looking for an apt Insurance policy in India.

#1. Advisory Service

Ditto's Advisory Service

Ditto’s web interface lets users and Insurance policy finders book a one-to-one advisory session. They stand and work to make people understand any policy in detail. They conduct these calls over Google Meet and help those candidates select the best-suited Insurance package.

You can contact the team by clicking on the Buy Insurance or Ditto Hotline tab. After that, the pop-up menu makes it more accessible.

#2. Health Insurance

Ditto Health Insurance

There is another tab called Health Insurance that covers two specific things: Guide and Tools. Under the guide scheme, they educate people about Insurance policies and the critical checklists they must look for while reviewing a particular health policy. 

Under tools, they give customers an idea to use tools and check their authenticity.

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#3. Life Insurance

Ditto Life Insurance

The Life Insurance tab has a guide and tools for Life Insurance policies, which serve the same purpose as mentioned in health insurance tabs, but in the context of a Life insurance policy.

#4. Buy insurance

Ditto Insurance Services

The Buy Insurance tab lets you contact the team over a call or WhatsApp chat to discuss all matters of interest.

What does Ditto Insurance offer to its Clients?

Let’s look in brief at the brownie points for customers who happen to try services offered by Ditto.

#1. Easy Accessibility

Availing an advisory call regarding an Insurance policy includes a few steps. There’s no long-form form to fill out, no surveys, or any other task. Thus, the accessibility to the site is much easier.

#2. Prompt Replies

Many brands have implemented the feature to serve customers’ queries through WhatsApp chat. But how many can meet them? Not. Many! However, the team quickly got a reply from Ditto via WhatsApp.

#3. Friendly User-Interface

What is the most efficient metric to know the efficiency of a website? It’s the ease at which any visitor can find the kind of information they are looking for. That is one thing Ditto’s website and the user Interface wins. The website has a minimalistic design and focuses more on user experience. 

#4. Easy-to-understand guides 

The content provided on the site is easy to understand and covers key pointers that users must know. An insurance policy is important for everyone, from a businessman to working professionals. The content adheres to all kinds of visitors, which is impressive.

#5. Quick WhatsApp Support

The WhatsApp feature is there, and it works. Rather than just being an add-on feature, Quick WhatsApp support by Ditto is a lot in use.

What can Ditto work on?

When you can put out ways to mend the service, it’s always a perk for the service provider. Thus, here’s a little on what we felt Ditto should work on priority.

Updating the website with reachable contact details

This point goes to everyone who gives their customers a certain feature for convenience. The more you try to make every detail work, the better the business works.

The number provided on the website to call certainly stays unreachable most times, at least the many times we tried to reach the team.

Time Slot Management

Managing time slots and helping clients book the earliest slot should be every company’s priority when dealing with advisory services.

When one of our team members tried booking a slot with Ditto over WhatsApp, the first slot they were offered was 3–4 days ahead.

Well, this could embark on a busy slot with voluminous requests, but in the longer run, clients would try to find other service providers despite waiting for days to have a chance to speak with insurance advisors.

Replenishing advisor’s advisory skills

The expectations from a one-on-one slot are to have informed conversations and seek advice on significant matters.

We heard from the review that three advisors were on one call. This could make a person hesitant. Moreover, most of the answers asked from the client led to squabbling among the advisors.

In the eyes of professionalism, such a response needs some work. Therefore, advisory services include the comfortability of the client as a significant factor. Only under comfort can someone ask questions and get answers.

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Changing Insurance Landscape in India and How Ditto Fills The Void

Until the beginning of 2021, India’s life Insurance premium share was 3.23%. 

However, life Insurance premium rates increased by 14.2% in the other half of 2021; globally, the increase was 10%. 

Could you make it to the reason behind such a broad marginal change in the Insurance landscape figures in India?

Yep! COVID-19 made people understand the importance of having a life insurance policy because life certainly is more than uncertain! 

This figure indicates that people are investing in buying and maintaining insurance policies in India.

Life insurance and other kinds of insurance policies are also well-appreciated and accepted by people in India. 

In all non-life policies, globally, India’s share was 1% in 2021. The same year witnessed an increase of 11.3% in all global non-life insurance policies. While India grew by 11.3%, the world was at 8.4%. 

Yes, there are 8 billion people in India, but looking at them growing with mini steps is positive. That’s certainly a bigger goal, but we need to start from somewhere. So we are optimistic for the numbers to grow.

More people having Insurance policies will always mean that the future of all those people and families is secure!

Our Verdict: Ditto Insurance Review

The platform Ditto has presented to people looking for Insurance policies needs to be applauded. However, many other things require so much work to be done.

  • Though the website looks clean, and the UI is user-friendly, we would love to see more information and options there.
  • Insurance terms and policies should be expanded. 

The idea and intention are good, but working on them is necessary.


So, should you pick Ditto? If you are looking for Insurance policy advisory services, you can reach out to the Ditto team through information on the site. 

It is always better to believe in one’s experience rather than trying to find someone else’s. 

Read the list we have provided you with in this blog, and then test them yourself specifically! That is when you can interpret the service rightly. And, since advisory services do not cost you anything, you must try them.

I hope you like this Ditto Insurance Review, if yes please do leave a comment.

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