5 Best Trading Apps For Beginners In India

Best Trading Apps For Beginners In India

If you’re new to trading, you might be wondering which app is the best for you. In this article, we listed the 5 best trading apps for beginners in India.

The Coronavirus was deadly for the entire world but seemed a blessing in disguise for many, as it has pushed almost everyone to think about the second source of income.

Since the pandemic, many people have started trading in the stock market.

A few in numbers have identified the best platforms for themselves and are generating more profits, but many are still struggling to find a better application to trade.

So here, we have studied and curated the 5 best trading apps for beginners who can register themselves and start trading from today itself.

List Of Best Trading Apps For Beginners In India

#1. Zerodha

Best Trading Apps For Beginners In India

Zerodha is the Best trading app in India for Beginners. It has a super easy user interface that provides a clear understanding of the trade to users at all levels. It comes up with readable analytics and charts to help understand the market dynamics. 


  • The data-rich analytics and often live-streamed charts enhance knowledge and decision-making transparency. 
  • The tech-savvy approach of Zerodha makes it unique in all ways. It is very appreciable and accessible to all.
  • Investments are mostly free of cost with bare minges, with the maximum being Rs. 20
  • One can also apply for an IPO in Zerodha. It supports currency trading and commodity trading as well.  
  • It gives you detailed information for about 20 market depths to grasp the knowledge and skills you need to trade in the best way.
  • It is the fastest and easiest share market app with several rich support tools

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#2. Upstox

Best Stock Trading App For Beginners in India

Upstox is the best stock trading app in India. It is trusted by many and is currently leading the trading solution by providing easy usage and a simple understanding of the trade dynamics. It provides extensive analysis tools with charts, alerts, and detailed search reports. 


  • It allows users to monitor the market value fluctuations and the stock’s performance by providing price alerts
  • It keeps the users updated by furnishing useful nights and information about the investments they have made. 
  • With a very easy user interface, Upstox provides a wide range of products to trade with. One can trade with stocks, funds, digital gold, commodities, etc. 
  • It provides the fastest buying and selling of orders, with excellent easy accessibility.
  • Upstox is known for its faster trade execution and reasonable brokerage with live streaming charts and updates.

#3. Groww

Best Online Trading App For Beginners In India

Groww is one of the best stock trading apps in India. It has the highest rating in online trading apps and allows you to open trading accounts for free. 


  • It encourages beginners to sharpen their skills in trading by providing conventional stock market trade through gold, fixed deposits, and other instruments. 
  • It does not charge commissions to use services, making it the best Indian stock market app.
  • It comes with a built Mutual funds calculator or sips with zero fee
  • It is the highest-rated online trading app that lets you open your trading account for free.

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#4. IIFL Markets

Best Trading App in India 2023 For Beginners

IIFL Markets app has many of the best tools for helping investors or traders come up with the best trading solutions. India Infoline (IIFL) is a well-renowned full-service stockbroker business serving India since 1995. 

To consider any search report or recommendation for trading, you should look into IIFL as the one-stop solution. 


  • It is known as the best mobile trading app India for its easy-to-use interface and personalized services. 
  • It is best for beginners for all-time assistance through texts, WhatsApp, email, and on-call services. It comes with intelligent chatbots. 
  • It has multiple trading products ranging from commodities, F&O, curries, inequities, and all-time. 
  • It also offers the feature of an option chain, relevant analytics, insights, and information to guide the future decision-making process and help make profits with options trading.   

#5. Sharekhan

Which Trading App is Best For Beginners in India

Share Khan provides detailed and advanced need carts for researching the market depths. It has unmatched guidance for big decision-making, making it the best trading app for beginners.

It provides advanced charts for market research and unmatched guidance for newcomers.


  • It offers excrement guidance for decision-making. 
  • It has a house of skilled managers that help novices earn and learn valuable trading knowledge.
  • It allows a wide portfolio of trading with its wide range of products.
  • The mobile app of Sharekhan comes with advanced char and measurement tools for providing omni-device accessibility.


Trading is a popular topic among investors. It can be an exciting experience to be able to buy and sell different companies’ stocks, trade commodities, and currency.

However, starting as a beginner can also be a bit overwhelming. I hope the list of best trading apps for beginners in India that we’ve compiled will help you make the right decision and start your trading journey quickly.


#1. How can I get the latest information on IIFL?

The IIFL “Buzz” provides clients with the latest updates, information on marketing occurrences, and critical information that aids in sound decision-making of your investments.

#2. What Makes Zerodha the Best Trading App?

It was the first-ever discount-giving brokerage in India, making it a popular and best Stock Trading App for Beginners. They all readily provide the option to filter the relevant information and shortlist the stocks that you think are the best to invest in or trade with.

#3. Is Upstox Reliable?

Yes, it is. Upstox was formerly known as RKSV securities. It was known for its leading discount on brokerage in India. Later it was modified into a better version and now can be used on all devices and by all beginners and advanced traders. It is one of the most renowned Intraday trading app solutions in India.

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