How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

Are you looking for how to earn money online without investment in mobile? We have compiled a list of some of the best ways. Start earning today!

Are you among those who frequently think about how to earn money daily online without investment? But you don’t want to move out of your home either? If these are your requirements, you have landed in the right place. 

The work-from-home trend is probably in a never-ending cycle. 9 out of 10 workers plan to stay at home and work. In fact, 77% of people feel more productive in work-from-home jobs. 

Many young individuals are figuring out how to earn money online without investment in mobile. Several stay-at-home spouses, college students, homemakers, and retired people are also in the race to search for online income sources. 

Are you also someone who wants to earn extra income online? In this write-up, we shall explore ways to earn money online without investments.

Let’s dive in!

5 Online Jobs Without Investment

#1. Insurance Agent

How to Earn Money Online Without Investment in Mobile

Becoming an insurance agent is the perfect way to make money online for free, with no investment and time constraints, while staying at home. 

An insurance agent is someone who works with an insurance company to sell various specific items online.

And, as an insurance agent, you could help every customer select the correct insurance policy as per their needs.

If you have great salesman skills, you could easily become an insurance agent and earn a handsome income.

#2. Freelancing

Make money online for free

Freelancing has become extremely popular as an income source without investment.

As of now, there are 4 million more freelancers than what used to be 6 years ago.

You just need to research several work portals, register yourself as a freelancer and market your skills to grab target clients.

If you are better at designing, writing, editing, programming, or possess other skill sets, you could earn money online by freelancing. 

Nowadays, various businesses are hiring freelancers for small tasks.

#3. Selling Hand-Made Items

Ways to Earn Money Online With Zero Investment

Here comes another way to earn money online with zero investment.

You just require some raw materials such as craft supplies, cooking items, and other such requirements and sell them online from home. 

You can sell various items online, like healthy snacks, baked items, scented candles, table mats, wall hangings, and decoration items. 

If you have a knack for skills in the art and craft field or cooking field, you could easily sell your homemade items online and earn a good income.

#4. Participating in Surveys

A lot of firms collect surveys to know public opinions, feedback, and reviews about their behavior or a particular product or service.

The basic intention behind these surveys is to study human behavior, habits, or problems, and design products and solutions around that.

There are many websites where you can participate in surveys and earn handsome cash immediately, one such website is which helps make money if you have some free time in a day.

Ysense is a global legitimate survey and task website with more than a million participants earning online with a simple mobile.

Do consider joining and give it a try by clicking below.

#5. Data Entry

earn money online without investment for students by typing

Data entry is another option for anyone looking for an online job without a huge investment.

If you are searching for work-from-home options or a student in search of a part-time job, data entry jobs could be the ideal option. 

You only require a computer, basic knowledge of Microsoft tools, and the spirit to meet deadlines. Register yourself under a trustworthy website, and see the amount you earn online daily.

#6. Test websites and Apps

Make money online testing websites

Another easy way to earn money online is by testing various websites and apps before they go live.

Since various companies and app developers don’t want to put their customers directly into their websites and apps, they hire people to do Beta Testing that makes the website and app work smoothly. 

The hired candidates test their apps and sites, report user experience, and search for any bug or problem before the website or app goes live.

Things to Consider Before Finding Online Work

Earn money online without investment for students

However, searching for easy and legitimate ways to earn money without investment could sometimes become difficult, as the entire internet is stuffed with scams and fake agencies. 

Here are certain things that you should consider before heading toward online work.

  • Be careful of websites that ask for registration fees before giving you work or asking for your personal information.
  • Prevent working for websites that take advantage of your skills and don’t pay you enough.
  • Ensure to research thoroughly for the website before starting work to avoid any fraud and read the reviews about it that people have left. 
  • Always make sure to read the contract that the company offers you before signing. 

How About Starting Your Trading Journey?

How to start your trading journey

Why don’t you try your hands in the world of investments? There is an investment involved, but it’s shallow!

You can sit at home and earn extremely well if you get the right hold of the market. 

Many guides are available to help you start your trading journey with extreme comfort and ease. 

>> How To Invest 1 Lakh In Stock Market – Beginners Guide


With the right utilization of time and increasing productivity levels, earning money while sitting at home is easy. In fact, with time, experience, and expertise, you will keep getting better with skills and pay. 

Starting a trading journey is a futuristic career, as you can become a full-time stay-at-home trader and earn much beyond your expectations.


#1. How can I make money without investment using my phone?

There are multiple ways of making money without investment. All you require is your phone.
A few options include reselling products on Meesho, taking up online teaching jobs on Wonk, earning money by watching and playing games on Loco, using Current Rewards to get paid for listening to music and others.

#2. What are the best apps to earn money without investment?

Some apps to make money without investing include MooCach, Phone pe, Google pay, Wonk app, Data Buddy, Google opinion rewards and others.

#3. Can I earn money from my mobile?

There are multiple ways of making money from mobile. For instance, you can start an online store from a mobile. Besides that, there are multiple ways of making money online through the phone by using many applications that help you earn. 

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