Zerodha Options Trading Charges in 2023

Zerodha Options Trading Charges

Are you looking for details on Zerodha options trading charges? Here’s everything you need to know about Zerodha charges for options trading.

Zerodha is currently serving over 6 million active users in 2022. It is a financial, full-service trading company in India keen on providing a safe and secure platform for beginners and advanced traders.

It is indeed the best trading platform in India in 2022.

Zerodha is famous for being the first application to offer zero brokerage charges on equity delivery for Demat accounts.

What makes Zerodha unique is that it has a very easy user interface and designed assistance for visitors in the app with different purposes. 

Dedicated Services for Both Traders and Investors

Zerodha Options Trading Charges

In case you are a trader, the broker guides you to:

  • Use this Super fast and user-friendly trading platform with advanced tools and visuals to provide a clear understanding.
  • Access 20 in-depth market research pieces to craft the most befitting trading strategies.  
  • Use a well-structured application with options to add filters to sort the data for multiple trades.
  • Assists you in planning your trades without the need for coding in partnership, an inbuilt application named Streak 
  • Curbs your chance of incurring huge losses and helps you have a simple strategy via a partnership with Sensible 
  • Use Zerodha option trading charges calculator.

In case you are an investor, the assistance by the broker is inclined towards:

  • Provides free guidance and researched information for educational purposes on the stock market and investment. 
  • It aims to provide real-time information about the market dynamics free of cost.
  • Zero pay commission for mutual funds investment.
  • Allows transfer of money from savings to trading account through UPI apps.
  • Offers GTT orders or Good Till Triggered order that allows the investor to buy and sell the security at a desirable process and quantity with a validity of one year. 

What are the Zerodha Options Trading Charges in 2023?

How much Zerodha charges for options trading

Charges for Account Opening in Zerodha 

For opening an online account in Zerodha, a charge of Rs 200 is levied. To open an offline account, you have to pay a charge of  Rs 400. For the AMC Demat account, you need to pay a charge of Rs 300 per year.

Brokerage Charges in Zerodha

Zerodha has a fixed pattern and rate of charging in brokerage. In this brokerage, a minimal amount of Rs 20 or 0.03% is levied per order, whichever is to be executed. 

It Charges zero brokerage fees for equity delivery but if you plan to trade on an intraday trading, then the Intraday brokerage charges Zerodha are Rs 20 or 0.03% (the lower one) per order that is to be executed. 

For example, if Rs 10,000 is traded for, then a charge of Rs 3 will be levied by Zerodha and not Rs 20. But if you place a trade order for 10,00,000, then a fixed charge as per the brokerage model of Rs 20 will be charged.

How to check brokerage Charges in Zerodha?

Trading charges are the fees charged by the brokers for the assistance and guidance they provide the traders and investors regarding the various buying and selling decisions. This is also known as brokerage.

Brokerage charges can be calculated using the Zerodha options trading Charges calculator. You can use the calculator to determine the exact fees of your brokers or brokerage charges and other related transactional costs. 

It helps you calculate the brokerage charges of all trading segments, including Intraday/Day Trading, Delivery, Equity, and many more. Know about your profit and loss before jumping into the trade!


#1. How can I change my Bank Account In Zerodha?

To change your bank account in Zerodha, you have to follow these steps-
– Go to the official Zerodha website 
– Click on the ‘Downloads & resources’ link. It is in the footer ‘Support’ section.
– After downloading the ‘Account modification form’ under the ‘Change request forms’, print it and fill it up. 
– Add the relevant credentials with the new bank account and send the hard copy of the form to the Zerodha Office in Bangalore.

#2. How Safe Is Zerodha?

With over 90 lakhs active users, it has already won the trust of India. It has the best brokerage model and easy user interface that help people from all levels of knowledge to trade and earn.

#3. Is Zerodha Varsity Useful?

Yes! There’s no end to learning and advancing your knowledge to sharpen money-making skills. Zerodha Varsity is an outstanding education platform that helps one to design and shape skills and knowledge in the various segments of trading and investments. 

#4. What are the Charges for Options trading in Zerodha?

A charge of ₹100 per order is executed for futures and options. But for any non-PIS account, a fee of 0.5% or ₹100 per executed order for equity is charged depending on whichever is low.
For any PIS account, a minimal 0.5% or ₹200 is charged per placed order for equity again based on whichever is lower.

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