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Vested Review

One reason for investing in US stocks could be it’s big Tech companies. Vested Review will explain why and how to invest in US stocks from India

Let’s start with some statistics, the number of Indians investing in the stock market has doubled in the last 18 months.

This number will only go up due to high inflation and low-interest rates offered by safe instruments like savings and fixed deposits.

People have realized that there is no other option to beat inflation than to invest in equity, and keeping cash is, in fact, a loss.

“Cash is Trash”

-Ray Dalio

Watch this interview, and you will learn about the situation of investments in current times.

In this interview, he spoke about diversification and diversification among countries.

As a retail investor like you and me, diversification is essential to reduce risk, and for this purpose, we should look for investments outside India.

And if I look outside India, then the US is the first option that pops up in my mind.


I will subsequently discuss in this article why we should invest in US stocks, and how?

Well, one option is the Vested App, I will do a complete Vested App Review so that by the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive overview of the features, safety, and charges of this app.

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Let’s get started.

Should I Invest In US Stocks From India?

Reasons we should consider the US stock market for investments.

#1. Worlds Biggest Stock Market

The United States has the biggest stock exchange with the world’s biggest companies listed there.

Should I Invest In US Stocks From India

So if you want to invest in some tremendous foreign international companies, you might find them listed on the US stock exchange.

NYSE International Stats

#2. Home To The Worlds Best Technology Companies

The US is leading the world in technology, which is going to continue in the future as well. We all know where major innovations are happening, technologies like blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, etc., will stay and become prominent in the coming decades.

No doubt the Indian market will grow with its middle class, and it makes sense to be bullish on India; however, for one thing, you can bet on the US is technology innovations.

#3. Diversification

I followed and learned a lot from Ray Dalio, and he always preached diversification.

The world economy has grown big and complex; as a retail investor, it’s always better to be country diversified.

There is always something good happening in one market and something bad in the other.

As retail investors, we do not have enough time and resources to research and look for different countries favorable for investment. In this scenario, US stocks could be the safest bet.

#4. Fractional Share Investing

You might say investing in US stocks require a lot of money as good companies in the US stock market trade from $200 – $500.

One of the best things about investing in the US stock market is you can invest in fractions which means for owning a Google share you do not have to invest ~ $2500.

Instead, you can buy a fraction of that, like 0.025 shares of Google for ~$62.5. Isn’t it great to have even a fraction of the share of tech giants that we know will be there for the next decades?

We have seen why it is essential and makes sense to invest in US stocks; now, let’s get to how to invest?

The option which I prefer is the Vested platform.

What is Vested?

Vested is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor founded by 

which helps investors to have exposure to the US stock markets from India.

Vested Finance has raised funding of $3.6 million from Ovo Fund and TenOneTen Ventures.

Vested Features

#1. Zero Commission

Vested charges 0 commission on US stock investment for Indians. Even NRI’s can use this platform for investments.

#2. No Minimum Balance

It is not required to keep any minimum balance, transfer money to a Vested account whenever you want to buy shares, and withdraw whenever you sell the shares.

#3. Zero Account Opening Charges

No account opening charges. Open your account, fund the account and start investing.

Vested Features

#4. Invest In Fractional Shares

One of the US stock market advantages is fractional shares investing, and Vested allows buying fractional shares or ETFs on zero commission.

#5. Pre-built Research-Based Portfolios 

Vested also provides readymade research-based portfolios with minimal charges; however, this is an optional feature.

#6. Vested Direct Account

I would say this is the best feature of the Vested app. Usually, when you want to invest in US stocks, you cannot invest directly in INR.

Usually, whenever you want to invest in US stocks you first have to convert INR to the USD, and it may lead to below charges and delay

  • fixed fee = ~1500
  • conversion fees = 1.5% – 2%
  • transfer time = 3-5 days

To solve this problem Vested has partnered with SBM Bank India to make money transfers more accessible, faster, and cost-effective.

When you open a Vested Direct Account, you can get the below facilities

  • fixed fee = 0
  • conversion fees = 1.2%
  • transfer time = 1 day
Vested Features

Is Vested Safe?

Vested is Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered adviser and is backed and partnered by Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, SBM Bank, Hustle Fund, Dorm Room Fund, and OVO Fund.

Is Vested Safe

Vested also follows RBI’s Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) guidelines, under which Indian residents can annually send up to $250,000 abroad without RBI’s approval.

Vested also partners with DriveWealth, which is a well-known name in US equities. 

So, from a safety point of view, Vested Finance is safe.

How To Open Vested Direct Account

Requirements to open Vested Direct Account

  1. Aadhaar linked Mobile Number
  2. PAN Card
  3. Mobile Camera/ WebCam

The below video explains in detail how to open a Vested Direct Account easily.

Who Should Register for Vested?

  1. If you are already investing directly in the Indian stock market, it makes sense to take exposure in the US, and this app can help you with that.
  1. If you know to do a fundamental analysis of stocks and have conviction in identifying suitable companies with solid futures.
  1. If you are not familiar with and still learning about stock markets, then investing directly into US equity can be risky, and you should do your due diligence.

Vested Review

Vested has more than 4.3-star reviews on the play store and more than 1 Lakh downloads.

It’s a relatively new app and will catch up as more people know about it.

Vested is a safe and legal platform. It provides a hassle-free way to invest in good US stocks.

The benefits and features are good however the best feature I like is 0 fees, low commission, and a quick money transfer facility to a Vested account that saves a lot of commission.

Vested Referral

If you click on the below link and open an account, vested is offering a $10 bonus directly into your Vested account.


Many platforms like Groww, etc., offer diversification and US stock investment options.

But Vested’s Direct Account with SBM is an advantage over all other options.

Vested offers benefits that are better in terms of brokerage fees or conversion fees from INR to USD.

This makes it a unique option for Indian and NRI investors.

I hope you like this Vested Review article and got a lot of insights into why you should consider US stocks for investment at least for its Tech companies and why Vested App is the best option for US stock investing.

Do let me know your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I withdraw money from vested?

You have to initiate the withdrawal from the ‘Withdrawal’ tab on the platform. Money will be wired directly to your bank account in India.

Is Vested legitimate?

Vested is backed and partnered with some well-known banks like Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, SBM Bank, and firms like DriveWealth. It also follows RBI’s (LRS) guidelines, so from that point, it is legit.

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