Best investment apps in India for 6 investment types

Best Investment Apps In India

Thanks to these best investment apps in India that have revolutionized investments. Investing has never been this easy.

Investing has never been this easy, thanks to rising fintech companies that contributed to this change.

We can discuss where to invest some other day; today, I will try to go through how investing, be it in any instrument, has become just a click of a button because of rising investment apps in India.

There was a reason why our parents or grandparents stayed away from stocks and mutual funds.

In the past decades, for opening a bank account or fixed deposits one had to make several bank visits from one counter to another.

Forget about researching stocks or mutual funds with access to data limited to newspapers and magazines and then opening a brokerage account with high fees.

Research and investment have entirely changed in just half a decade.

Stocks and mutual fund screening apps provide a hell of data just before you by applying simple queries so that data for research is no more an excuse.

Various online platforms have made it easy to save and track expenses and invest whatever instruments you are comfortable with, be it digital gold, fixed deposit, mutual fund, stocks, and next-generation assets like Crypto and NFT’s.

Now, if we talk about brokerages and fees, discount brokers have done a lot of destruction and increased the low brokerage competition to make the investment more affordable for retail investors like you and me.

So stay with this article, and I will cover a list of such tools and platforms that helped me in my investing journey and could make your life easy too.

Once you complete this article, you will be well aware of well-known investing platforms used by many successful investors, making investing journey hassle-free.

#1. Best mutual fund investment apps

Best mutual fund investment apps

Mutual fund investments are the best way to invest in equity if you are not full-time in stock markets and want experts to invest your money.

Various types of instruments you can try investing in

  • SIP’s
  • STP’s
  • Lumpsum
  • Debt


#1 Groww

Account opening charges: Nil

Groww is one of the leading mutual fund investment apps in India. Using Groww, you can invest in direct mutual funds that can help in saving a good amount of commissions in long run.

Groww has been installed more than 1 Cr. times from the play store and has over 4.4 ratings that show the app’s popularity.

Groww provides you with a wallet where you can park your money. This helps in quick investing whenever there is an opportunity in the market.

It’s a very easy-to-use app with no account opening charges on mutual fund investments.

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#2 Kuvera

Account opening charges: Nil

Kuvera is a direct mutual fund investment platform with over 5 Lakhs installs and ratings of 4.4 ratings.

Goal-based investing is the unique feature of this app, you just have to fill in some details regarding your goals, and it will calculate and show you the suitable investment options.

#3 Zerodha Coin

Account opening charges: Nil

Zerodha is India’s top discount broking app, it too has a mutual fund investment platform known as Zerodha Coin.

If you are trading or investing in stocks using Zerodha then it makes sense to use Zerodha Coin for mutual funds so as to have all investments on the same platform.

#2. Best stock investment apps

Best stock investment apps

Demat account opening has been at a record high in FY21 with 14.2 Million new accounts added in this year.

Take advantage of the growing Indian economy and invest directly in the companies you believe in.

Below discount brokerage platforms are some of the best and stable ones you can go with.


#1. Zerodha

Zerodha is one of the first platforms to disrupt the stock broking market & bought the brokerages to a level where retails investors can afford to invest.

Zerodha is the #1 stock investment platform in India. It has changed the way of stock market investing in India.

Easy to use interface and technically rich platform allows Buy/ Sell at a button click.

#2. Upstox

Upstox is gaining popularity among the stock investments apps in India. If you are a stock market trader or investor, you can try this app and then decide.

With over 1 Cr. downloads on the play store and 4.4 ratings, it is a good option to consider.

#3. Groww

Along with mutual fund investments, Groww recently integrated stock investment features under its platform.

If you do not want the hassle of registering and logging into different apps for different kinds of investments, you can use Groww for mutual funds as well as stocks.

You have access to both mutual funds and stocks on the same dashboard this way you can invest and track all your investments in one place.

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#4. Choice

Choice FinX is the flagship trading platform of Choice International Limited and is listed on NSE and BSE.

The trading platform is a feature-rich and user-friendly platform. Choice FinX offers numerous features such as advanced charts, multiple watch lists, numerous order types, multiple order placements, and multilingual support.

The trading platform offers several trading products such as Signal, an AI based research engine for automated research calls. Choice FinX is available for download on Android, iOS and Web.

Choice FinX is available for download on Android, iOS, and the Web.

The trading app offers a seamless trading experience, a user-friendly interface, and is available in both English and Hindi.

Choice FinX trading app and web platform offer more than 100 technical indicators and 19 chart types.

The Choice FinX app has been downloaded by more than 500,000 investors. Open a free account with Choice and begin your investment journey today.

Open Free Demat Account

#3. Best invoice discounting app

Best invoice discounting app

Invoice discounting is a less known but decent diversification investment option for the short term.

Previously it was limited to only High Networth Investors, but few new platforms in this space have allowed retail and small investors to participate.

You can expect 13-15% returns in the short-term investment of 3 – 6 months.


#1. TradeCred

TradeCred is the only well-known invoice discounting platform in India as of now.

With 5000+ investors and 0 defaults in the past 3 years boosts the confidence on the platform.

It has invoices of big brands like Amazon, Flipkart, Coca-Cola, etc listed on its websites which makes it less risky and trustworthy for the investors.

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#4. Best gold investment apps

Best gold investment apps

Gold investment is considered a low-risk, low-returns, and safe investment option in India. 

The returns reduce further due to making changes, as most Indians buy gold in the form of some jewelry rather than gold coins or biscuits, and safety concerns are an addition.

This has led to rising of digital gold wherein providing companies will buy gold on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about making charges and safety and you get returns as price moves.


#1. Kuvera

Along with mutual fund investment, Kuvera also provides a platform for digital gold investment.

Kuvera offers 24 K 99.9 pure digital gold, which is 100% secure.

Highly liquid, you can buy and sell anytime at market rates.

#2. Paytm

Digital payment app Paytm also allows buying/ selling of digital gold at market price securely.

You can buy gold from Re. 1 and sell 0.1gm and above. 

You can also convert and get physical gold delivered to you in form of a coin or minted products paying nominal making charges.

#5. Best US stock market apps

Best US stock market apps

If you have sizeable capital to invest, it makes sense to diversify by investing in US stock markets.

Some platforms facilitate investment in the US stock market with the same experience as investing in the Indian stock market.

Account opening and investing in US stocks is now a seamless experience same as the Indian stock market.


#1. Groww

Along with mutual funds and Indian stocks, Groww also offers a platform to invest in US stocks from India along with the below features

  • No Account opening charges
  • No Account maintenance charges
  • No Brokerage charges for limited time

Just open your account, transfer funds, and you can start Buying/ Selling.

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#2. Vested App

Vested is my favorite app when it comes to the US investing. The feature and benefits are better than other apps for US stock investment.

Below are a few of the features:

  • Zero Commission
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Vested Direct Account
  • Zero Account Opening Charges

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#3. INDMoney

INDMoney is another excellent app that can make investing in US stocks super easy.

An added feature that I liked is that you can track and manage all your investments even done using other platforms through this app.

Create a free, paperless US trading account and start investing with 0% commission.

#6. Best cryptocurrency investment apps in India

Best cryptocurrency investment apps in India

Cryptocurrency is a new generation digital asset, India has the highest number of crypto investors globally.

One of the reasons for this rapid adoption in India has been the platforms facilitating smooth and effortless crypto investment worldwide.

If you believe in the concept of decentralized finance and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies then investing is just a click away.


#1. Vauld

One of the primary reasons I use Vauld is its user interface, which is clean and easy to use.

Buy, sell, lend and borrow cryptos using this app. You can create Fixed Deposits on cryptos you hold and earn interest.

Backed by Peter Thiel and partners like Valar, Coinbase, BitGo, and Binance this platform is promising.

>> Read Vauld Review

#2. WazirX

Another well-known platform in India to invest in cryptos is WazirX; if you are not using Vauld, then WazirX should be your next choice.

WazirX right now is the most well-known and used crypto investment platform in India.

WazirX even has its own token WRX; you can start investing on this platform with mere 100 Rs.


With rising inflation, the value of cash is decreasing day by day, and the interest rates offered by fixed deposits and savings accounts will not be able to beat inflation.

The only way to preserve the value of your hard-earned money is by investing. It has never been this easy to start investing in such a wide variety of investments.

All credit to new-age technology and some of the best investment apps in India.

The apps and platforms mentioned above will not only make your investing journey easy but also rewarding.

Use the apps, let me know your feedback, and ask for help if you face any difficulty using these platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best investment apps for beginners in India?

Beginners must start with mutual funds investment first to get the initial feel of markets and the best app to use for mutual fund investments is Groww.

What is the best app to buy stocks in India?

Zerodha is the #1 stock investment app in India, however, there are other well-known apps like Groww, Upstox, etc that are doing good.

Is Zerodha safe?

Yes, Zerodha is completely safe and one of the best investments platform in India.

Are investment apps a good idea?

Investment apps make the overall process of investing very easy and smooth and if you use the best of the platforms then definitely it’s a great idea.

Which app is safe for mutual fund investment

A lot of options are available in mutual fund investment, apps like Groww, Kuvera, and Zerodha Coin are the top most to consider.

Should I use Zerodha coin?

Yes, if you are looking for a mutual fund investment app then Zerodha coin is one of the best options.

Is Zerodha coin safe for long term investment?

Zerodha coin is safe, anyways your mutual fund investments are with AMC’s of whichever fund you invest into. Platforms like Zerodha coin are just an intermediary which makes transactions of buying and selling easy.

Is Groww app good for buying stocks?

Yes, Groww is a discount broker with 0 account opening and account maintenance charges and reasonable brokerage charges.

Are apps like Groww safe

Yes, Groww is SEBI registered and 100% safe.

Is Groww app regulated by SEBI?

Yes, Groww is SEBI registered platform under the name Finvantage Investment Adviser Private Limited.

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