Vauld Review – Instantly Trade, Lend, and Borrow Cryptos

Vauld Review

Vauld is a platform that allows you to trade, borrow, lend cryptos without having to worry about technology or security. Check out the Vauld Review.

Cryptocurrency has been booming in India since the supreme court’s verdict to lift RBI’s ban on the transactions.

Various crypto exchanges have facilitated the buy and sell of multiple cryptocurrencies; we will discuss the best cryptocurrency app to invest in India.

One such platform is Vauld, and in this article, we will do a complete Vauld Review.

  • Founded: 2018
  • Headquarter: Singapore
  • Founders: Darshan Bathija and Sanju Sony Kurian
  • Active Customers: ~100,000 as of July 2021
  • Customers: the US followed by India, Europe, and Singapore

Vauld has recently raised $25 million in funding led by Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, around Rs. 185 crores.

Peter Thiel is a German-American billionaire entrepreneur and venture capitalist. 

He is also a co-founder of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders Fund.

The confidence of someone like Peter Thiel in Vauld adds to its credibility.

I will go deep to give you a complete picture of the features and benefits of the Vauld Platform.

Vauld Partners

  • Valar: Lead Investor
  • Pantera: Investor
  • Coinbase: Investor
  • CMT Digital: Investor
  • LuneX: Investor
  • Better: Investor
  • Robot Ventures: Investor
  • BitGo: Custody Partner. It is a well-known and most secure digital asset custodian that enables the storage of cryptos through wallet solutions.
  • Binance: Exchange Partner. It provides safe exchanges to enable the trading of cryptos.

Vauld Registration

Creating an account is very simple, register with your email.

Vauld Registration
Vauld Registration

Complete the KYC by submitting the following documents/ details

  • Name, phone number, and email id
  • PAN card
  • Address Proof( AADHAR card, Voter Id card, Passport, or Driving License)
  • Selfie(Photo)

Vauld Login

Once registered, you can log in using your email id, and password.

Vauld Login
Vauld Login

Vauld has 2-factor authentication; you will receive an OTP on email, and after verifying the OTP, you will log In.

Vauld Login
Vauld Login

Once logged in, this is how the dashboard looks.

Vauld Dashboard
Vauld Dashboard

Vauld Features

#1. Buy and Sell through INR

One of the best reasons for using Vauld is buying and selling cryptos through Indian Rupee; it saves you from the hassle of converting INR to the dollar for investing.

#2. Vauld Instant Deposits

Vauld allows 3 payment methods.

  • Crypto(Buy crypto using another crypto)
  • Bank Account
  • UPI

You can add payment methods whichever you want from Settings >> Accounts

Vauld Deposit
Vauld Instant Deposit

To buy cryptos, you have to deposit money through Bank Transfer or UPI to Vauld Wallet.

Vauld Wallet
Vauld Wallet

You can only deposit from an already verified Bank Account or other payment methods like UPI; else, the transaction will fail and refund money.

Vauld Deposit

Deposits on Vauld are 

  • Instant
  • 0% transaction fee
  • No upper limits on deposits
Advantages Of Vauld

#3. Vauld Fixed Deposits

Another advantage of using Vauld is earning interest on the cryptos you own by creating fixed deposits.

The minimum deposit allowed is at least $1 worth of the crypto tokens.

No upper limit on the deposits.

Vauld Fixed Deposit

You can withdraw from fixed deposits anytime you want. There is no penalty or fees if you opt-out; it’s just the loss of extra interest.

Interest rates are different on different cryptos.

Vauld Interest Rates
Vauld Interest Rates

You also earn interest on the funds you deposit in the Vauld; the rates are known as Savings rates.

You can find all the Vauld interest rates here.

#4. Swap Crypto

Suppose you have crypto say Bitcoin and want to convert it into another, let’s say Ethereum.

You can directly do this with the Instant Swap Crypto feature without having to sell and buy manually.

Swap Crypto
Swap Crypto

#5. Vauld Crypto Loans

Another advantage of using Vauld is you can borrow loans by using the cryptos you own as collateral.

Loans are approved instantly with no additional charges.

The minimum loan amount should be at least $1000 to a maximum of 66.67% of your crypto value.

#6. Vauld Security

Vauld has 2-factor authentication(2FA) enabled by default, where your account is protected with a password along with OTP sent to your registered mail id every time you try to log in.

You can also enable multi-factor authentication where google-authenticator is used to receive dynamically changing passcode that you have to use while performing a critical action on Vauld.

Multi-factor authentication(MFA) is not enabled by default; you have to do it manually as below.

Vauld Security
Vauld Security

Vauld crypto wallets are secured by BitGo, the custodian partner of Vauld and one of the best in the crypto space.

Almost all cryptos in Vauld are kept in a cold wallet disconnected from the internet, making them almost immune to external attacks.

Vauld is also insured for $100 million against any threats.

You can read more about Vauld security here.

Vauld Fee/ Charges

There are different fees or charges on deposits, transactions, and withdrawals—also minimum and maximum limits on the same.

Vauld model charges the maker and taker fee for trading cryptos with minimum trade amounts for each exchange.

You can find all the rates here.

Vauld Advantages

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Trading, lending, and borrowing of cryptos on a single platform.
  • Instant crypto swaps between supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Good liquidity; instant withdrawal and trades.
  • Backed by great investors.
  • Secured by BitGo and well insured.

My Vauld Review

Vauld Review

I use the Vauld platform to buy cryptos, and undoubtedly, it is one of the best cryptocurrency apps to invest in India.

The application is very clean. It provides almost all the facilities that are required for everyday trading.

Crypto fixed deposit is a unique feature that allows earning extra interest for long-term investors like me.

Buying/ selling and deposit/ withdrawal in INR helps save on additional charges for converting INR to some other currency to buy cryptos.

No deposit fee; whatever you deposit, you will get the full amount in the wallet.

Security-wise I don’t see any issues; BitGo guards it well.

Peter Thiel’s investment in Vauld boosts my confidence in the platform.

Vauld Referral

Go and try Vauld; also I have a referral bonus for you.

Click on the button below to create your account with my referral and save 20% on trading fees.

I hope you found this Vauld Review article helpful, do let us know your feedback by commenting below.

You can also find articles on cryptocurrency investments and app reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vauld a safe platform?

Yes, Vauld is secured by BitGo, one of the biggest digital asset custodians also it is well insured. Got a good list of investors backing them. Learn more here.

Is Vauld a good place to fixed deposit crypto (Bitcoin)?

Vauld FD returns are better than banks, and it is always good to earn some interest on the cryptos sitting in our wallets.

How can I earn interest using Vauld?

You can also earn interest by depositing your cryptos or funds; you can create FDs on the same.

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