5 Best Portfolio Tracker Apps in India for 2023

Best Portfolio Tracker App

Looking for the best portfolio tracker apps? We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 apps for all levels of investors. Check out and find the perfect one for you.

Portfolio tracking apps are considered powerful tools, and they help investors in monitoring and managing their investment portfolios efficiently. These portfolio tracker apps provide people with a centralized platform to track investments, monitor performance, and make good decisions.

For Indian investors, portfolio tracking has immense significance as it allows them to stay updated with the performance of their investments in real-time. 

It also allows them to track stocks, mutual funds, and other financial instruments, as well as provide helpful insights into their portfolio’s growth and likely risks. Investors can make wise decisions and adapt their investment strategies by examining historical data and trends.

This blog will give an exhaustive analysis of the 5 best free portfolio tracker apps in India

5 Best Portfolio Tracker Apps in India

1. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol portfolio tracker app

Moneycontrol is a popular portfolio-tracking app in India that provides a comprehensive platform for investors.

One of the primary benefits for Indian investors using Moneycontrol is access to an extensive repository of financial news, articles, and expert analysis, which helps them in making good investment decisions. 

Highlighting Features

  • Users get market data, charts, and interactive tools for technical analysis. 
  • It has a user-friendly interface that delivers various key features and functionalities, such as real-time stock market updates, customizable watch lists, portfolio tracking, and personalized investment insights. 
  • The app is available in English, Hindi, and Gujarati.

2. Snowball Analytics

Snowball analytics portfolio tracker app

Snowball Analytics is best for novices, experienced investors, and portfolio managers that require the best solution for portfolio tracking. Snowball Analytics gives you many benefits, such as: 

  • Comprehensive dividend reporting and analysis
  • Effortless linking to your brokerage accounts 
  • Automatic updates
  • Performance tracking for all your marketable instruments.

You can also automatically connect with more than 1,000 brokers globally in Asia, the U.S., the U.K., and Europe. 

Highlighting Features

  • You can peek into any stock, ETF, or mutual fund worldwide. There’s also an option to view crypto performance and use a variety of innovative tools to discover historical and real-time data, allot existing assets, and appraise future reviews. 
  • Users can also join the community on the website to learn more, share their thoughts, and grow as an investor.

3. ET Money 

ETmoney portfolio tracker app

ET Money is a well-known financial management app in India that offers a sweeping platform for users to manage their personal finances.

ET Money has a user-friendly interface, which makes it comfortable for users to navigate and access the chosen features.

With its portfolio-tracking abilities, the app gives users a robust tool to track and manage their investments efficiently. 

Users can also effortlessly track their stocks, mutual funds, fixed deposits, and other assets.

Highlighting Features

  • One of the key highlights of ET Money is its robust portfolio tracking feature. Users can link their investment accounts and get a combined view of their portfolio in one place. 
  • The app automatically syncs with different financial institutions and provides real-time updates on investment performance, earnings, and losses.

4. Kuvera 

Kuvera portfolio tracker app

Kuvera is also a leading investment platform and free portfolio tracker in India that empowers users to take charge of their financial journey.

Kuvera delivers investors a seamless and user-friendly experience with its exhaustive range of features and tools. 

Highlighting Features

  • The platform offers personalized investment recommendations based on individual goals and risk profiles, making it more straightforward for users to make astute investment decisions. 
  • Kuvera provides comprehensive tax optimization features that help users maximize their savings and streamline the tax planning process.

5. Sharesight

Sharesight portfolio tracker app

Sharesight indeed made strides and revolutionized the online portfolio tracking industry.

The app makes it simple for you to evaluate your portfolio and see your overall performance and maintains track of all your dividends and makes tax time an easy task.

Highlighting Features

  • Enables you to automatically track the actual performance of all your listed stocks from more than 30 international stock exchanges.
  • You can even track numerous asset classes, including bonds, currency (i.g. leading cryptocurrencies), property, private equity, and other custom investments in one place with the help of their custom groups feature.

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Importance of Portfolio Tracking Apps 

Portfolio tracking plays an important role in the investment journey of Indian investors. Let’s discuss why portfolio-tracking apps are important and how portfolio-tracking apps can help in fulfilling investment goals:

Real-Time Monitoring

You can monitor your stock investments in real-time. You also get real-time information on the performance of stocks, mutual funds, and other assets. This allows you to make punctual decisions and benefit from market opportunities.

Performance Analysis

They deliver detailed insights into the performance of individual investments and the overall portfolio.

Investors can examine the returns, growth rates, and risk factors associated with each asset, which helps them identify underperforming investments and make astute decisions for portfolio optimization.

Diversification Management

It promotes effective diversification management. By tracking the distribution of investments across various asset classes, sectors, and regions, investors can ensure a balanced portfolio that lowers risks and maximizes returns.

Goal-Based Investing

It also lets investors set distinct financial goals and track their progress.

Whether it’s saving for retirement, buying a home, or funding a kid’s education, these apps provide tools to monitor the performance of investments with set objectives, which also helps investors to stay on track.

Risk Management

Portfolio tracking apps help in evaluating and managing investment risks.

Investors can adjust their asset allocation and risk tolerance to ensure an appropriate risk-reward balance by monitoring portfolio performance and scrutinizing risk factors.

Moreover, some portfolio tracking apps also provide tax planning and reporting features.

Investors can track taxable events, estimate capital profits, and generate tax reports, simplifying the tax filing process and optimizing tax efficiency.

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So we have finally explored India’s 5 best Portfolio Track App India, each delivering exceptional features and functionalities to help investors manage their investments effectively. 

As you set forth on your investment journey, we urge you to research these portfolio-tracking apps and select the one that fits your requirements and tastes.

Consider aspects such as user interface, features, investment alternatives, and personalized recommendations. 

Always remember that portfolio tracking is an ongoing process, and actively managing your investments is vital to accomplishing your financial goals.

Whether you are a newbie investor or a skilled one, leveraging the power of portfolio-tracking apps will truly improve your investment journey.

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