INDmoney vs Groww for US Stocks: Which Is Better?

Indmoney vs Groww for US stocks

Looking for the best platform for investing in US stocks? We compare Indmoney vs Groww for US stocks and give you the pros and cons of each.

With the rise of online platforms like INDMoney and Groww, investing in the stock market has become more accessible.

The interest in U.S. stocks among Indian investors has been steadily increasing. But if you are looking to explore international markets, including U.S. stocks, and are not sure which is the right platform between INDMoney and Groww, this blog is for you. 

Recent data shows a surge in the number of Indian investors venturing into the U.S. stock market.  INDMoney, with its growing user base of 7 Mn+, has emerged as a reliable platform.

Similarly, Groww, with  20 Million+ registered users, has garnered significant attention from investors.

By examining each platform’s unique features, pricing, user interface, and resources, we aim to help investors make an informed choice when venturing into the U.S. stock market.

Now, let’s delve into the specifics of each platform, starting with INDMoney.

What Is INDMoney?

What is INDMoney?

INDMoney is a complete financial management platform designed to transform the way you handle your finances. By leveraging the power of automation and machine learning, INDMoney provides an all-in-one solution for planning, saving, and investing.

Products Offered By INDMoney

  • U.S. Stocks

With INDMoney, you can invest in U.S. stocks that will allow you to take advantage of global market opportunities. In addition, you can diversify your portfolio and capitalize on the potential of leading U.S. companies. There are no commission costs involved with the company.

  • Financial Planning Tools

In addition to budgeting tools, INDMoney offers a suite of financial planning tools to help you achieve your financial goals. From retirement planning tools to budgeting tools, these features empower you to create a solid financial roadmap and empower you to make informed financial decisions.

  • Mutual Funds

INDMoney offers a wide range of mutual funds to suit a variety of investment preferences. By investing directly into mutual funds, you are maximizing your return without having to worry about commission fees.

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What Is Groww?

What Is Groww?

Groww is an all-in-one investment platform that allows the user to access stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs in one convenient place and offers a user-friendly interface to make investing easy and convenient.

Products Offered By Groww

  • Mutual Funds

Over 5000 direct mutual funds are available at no commission on Groww. With Groww, you can automate your investment, enabling robust and systematic investment plans. The mutual funds are sourced from top companies and sectors, delivering high returns and tax savings.

  • Stocks

IPOs are now available through Groww. A dashboard provides information about upcoming IPOs and recently listed ones. You can make informed investment decisions based on information such as issue size, bid date, and price range.

  • U.S. Stocks

With Groww, you can invest in U. S. stocks by opening a free account. There are no brokerage or commission fees associated with trading U.S. stocks. Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, and Facebook are among the big global names that are available on the platform. You will not have to pay any maintenance fees for buying or selling.

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Difference Between INDMoney vs Groww for US Stocks

ResourcesDedicated section with articles and news related to investing and financeInformative blog section covering various financial topics
PricingGold, Gold+, Platinum, Platinum+, and Custom plans availableFree for mutual fund investing, brokerage fees applicable for stock trading
U.S. StocksTrade and invest in U.S. stocks from India -Two-in-one account for seamless trading and investing-Offers competitive exchange rates and no setup or monthly fees-Provides a wide range of U.S. stocks and personalized advisory-Detailed dashboard with real-time stock informationOpen an account and invest in U.S. stocks without brokerage fees -Intuitive dashboard for easy access to U.S. stocks-Requires traditional internet banking Wire Transfer for funds transfer-Offers around 3000 U.S. stocks, including top global companies-Categorizes stocks based on industry for easier portfolio creation
User InterfaceClean and easy-to-use interface for seamless navigationCrisp and pleasing interface with detailed information for better investment decisions
Stock AnalysisIn-depth exploration of Indian and American stocksRobust stock analysis tool with live technical charts
Hidden CostsThe transaction fee for all stocks is calculated at 0.00325% of the transaction value.No hidden cost
RegulationsINDmoney Private Limited is registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”)Yes. Groww is a SEBI registered discount brokerage firm.

Final Verdict: Which Platform Should You Choose?

In the end, INDMoney and Groww are both excellent investment options that are ultimately based on a user’s investment preferences. INDMoney excels in offering a seamless zero-commission investing experience including personalized advice and in-depth analysis, which makes it easy for users to invest in stocks in the United States.

Aside from its user-friendly interface, Groww offers an extensive array of investment options, including U.S. stocks, mutual funds, and initial public offerings, as well as educational resources that can benefit investors. INDMoney offers several plans based on their investment size, but Groww stands out with its fee-free mutual fund investments and transparent brokerage fees for trading stocks. 

Also, the unique thing that makes Groww different from its competition is that Groww offers fractional share investing which means that you can invest fractionally in Groww using fractional shares.

To decide which platform is right for your business, you need to closely examine your goals and desired features.

4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Investing in US Stocks

When investing in US stocks, it is important to consider several critical factors. Here are four of the most significant aspects to consider:

#1. Regulatory Framework

Currently, the US stock market is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), responsible for ensuring transparency, integrity, and investor protection.

#2. Taxes

Double Tax Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) between the US and India prevent double taxation. A couple’s holding period determines the tax category, and dividends are taxable based on the rate.

#3. Foreign Exchange Consideration

Currency fluctuations between the Indian rupee and the US dollar can significantly affect investment returns. It is important to monitor and understand the factors that affect currency movements.

#4. Charges

Investing in US stocks is expensive because of currency conversion charges, account maintenance fees, and transaction fees. Frequent trading can result in additional costs, so it should be managed carefully.

These factors can help you make informed decisions and navigate US stock investing complexities.


Both INDMoney and Groww provide robust platforms to invest in U.S. stocks. It offers zero commissions, competitive exchange rates, and personal advisory services. Also, you get an extensive stock analysis dashboard and valuable educational resources. 

With Groww, you can open an account for free, use its intuitive interface, and invest in various U.S. stocks and ETFs. Choosing the right investment platform depends on your personal preferences and needs, including cost, user experience, research tools, and customer support.

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