Kuvera vs Groww: Which is the Ultimate Investing Platform?

Kuvera vs Groww

Struggling to pick the best investment platform? Dive into this detailed comparison of Kuvera vs Groww based on features and usages.

The common personal advice you’ll ever hear to secure your financial future is to invest in mutual funds and stocks. 

When you explore the internet, you find platforms like Kuvera and Groww, but which one fulfills all your investment needs?

Well, this blog helps you pick the right one – as we have done a detailed comparison of both tech-based platforms as trading is an important decision when it comes to wealth growth. 

In this blog, we will do side-by-side compassion of two of the most famous trading apps, Kuvera and Groww. This will help you choose the best one to put hard-earned money in by understanding the features of both investment platforms.

Kuvera vs Groww: A Detailed Overview of 2 Best Online Wealth Management Platforms

Kuvera vs Groww

Kuvera and Groww have shaken things up in the world of market investments, making it much more accessible to a wider and younger crowd.

It’s pretty impressive how much attention both apps have managed to grab in such a short span—less than five years!

DetailsKuvera Groww
Founded 20162017
FoundersGaurav Rastogi, Neelabh SanyalLalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Ishan Bansal, Neeraj Singh
Customer base3 Lakh+1.5 crore+
Institutional InvestorsEight Roads VenturesFidelity StraditSequoia Capital IndiaRibbit CapitalYC ContinuityPropel Venture Partners
Average Rating 3.54.1
Customer SupportAI [email protected]FAQs [email protected]
Head officeBanglore, KarnatakaBanglore, Karnataka

Kuvera vs Groww: Key Feature Comparison

Before making any financial investment decision, you need to understand all the features Kuvera and Groww offer. They offer unique features and benefits that can help in easing your trading journey.

To assist you, here is a detailed comparison:

1. Financial Tools and Calculators

Kuvera offers a wide range of financial tools and calculators to help your financial planning. A few well-known calculators are SIP, lumpsum, FD, RD, NPS, SWP, STP, EPF, and many more.

On the other hand, Groww gives you access to 25+ calculators. Calculators like inflation and brokerage help you examine the effects of various scenarios.

2. User Experience

Groww offers an “Explore” section to easily buy or sell and a “Dashboard” that shows all your investments. The tabs seem clustered, which can be a negative point.

Kuvera has a well-maintained “Explore” section on the front page to access all stocks, mutual funds, and watchlists. The only downside is the small font size.

3. Fees and Charges

With no additional opening or AMC fees, Groww and Kuvera are free platforms providing an excellent investing experience. Since the website exclusively offers direct plans, there are no commission costs.

4. Customer Support

Both apps require you to call or email their teams. To ease your queries, Kuvera has an AI chatbox. It can help you with various common queries and problems. 

Groww provides fast customer assistance for a simple and easy investing process. The app also offers a robust FAQ section to help with common issues.

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5. Security

Groww allows you to access the application through a pin and the phone’s fingerprint scanner. 

With Kuvera, this option is not available. You can only use the PIN to access your app.

6. Goal Setting

You can set various investment goals in Kuvera’s “Set your Goal” function. The app asks several questions to craft a plan for your savings, retirement, education, down payment, etc.

Groww does not offer such a function. But you can use various calculators to calculate the amount you need to invest for your PPF, EPF, and retirement, 

7. Family Account

With Kuvera, you can easily manage your family’s investment account in one place using Kuera’s Joint Account function. You can track and monitor all investments with this feature. 

Groww does not offer this feature.

8. Loyalty Program

You get reward coins in Kuvera for investing in stocks and mutual funds. The value of 1 coin is 1 rupee. You can get 25 coins if you invest in SIP and 50 coins if you invest in a goal.

Groww doesn’t offer such a feature. But you can get a referral bonus on Groww. The amount offered by Groww varies a lot.

9. External Fund Tracking

You can easily track and manage your external mutual funds on Groww and Kuvera. This allows you to easily access all the running investments in one place.

10. Safety and Reliability 

Kuvera and Groww are both registered with SEBI, offering you a stamp of safety. Your money is never kept on the app. When you want to invest in a particular stock or mutual, both take you directly to the AMC to make a purchase.

Kuvera and Groww: Pros and Cons

Both Groww and Kuvera offer you a lot of features. But you need to know all the pros and cons to see which one is the best for your investment requirements and goals. 

Pros and Cons of Kuvera 

Free from account opening and maintenance chargesTime consuming KYC process
Easy portfolio presentation using graphs and chartsInterface can be difficult for some users
Good Customer SupportOnly Pin lock available
Clean bottom panel for investment tabsInefficent Mutual Fund Comparison 

Pros and Cons of Groww

Zero Account opening and maintenance chargesNo tracking and managing feature
User-friendly UIPhone support up to the mark
Provides IPO investingLacks features like GTT and AMO
Fingerprint and Pin lock to access the appTab seems cluttered

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Final Thoughts

If you are a new investor, Groww offers you the best user-friendly investment tools. On the other hand, Kuvera can be a great choice for you if you’re an experienced investor looking for an all-in-one money management platform. 

You should analyze the pros and cons of both apps as per your personal goals. This can help you gain a seamless and rewarding investment experience.


1. Which is the right platform for investment, Kuvera or Groww?

This totally depends on your personal choices. Groww is better for user-friendliness, whereas Kuvera is excellent for family accounts and other advanced features.

2. Is Kuvera safe to invest?

Yes, you can safely invest your hard-earned money with Kuvera. The app is registered with SEBI, which employs strict security measures.

3. What are the key differences between Kuvera and Groww?

Groww has a simple UI, no fees, and fingerprint and pin lock protection. Kuvera offers you advanced financial tools, goal-setting, and family account management.

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