Zerodha vs Dhan – Which is the best platform for you?

Zerodha vs Dhan

Confused about which broker is best for you Zerodha or Dhan? Read this detailed comparison of Zerodha vs Dhan share brokers!

The trading industry is constantly evolving. In today’s world, investing is something everyone considers. Though several options are available, Zerodha and Dhan are the two most prominent names in the financial sector.

When choosing a share broker, one first looks at their reputation and trustworthiness. Both Zerodha and Dhan are very reliable platforms, but the main question remains: which one is better?

This blog will help you explore key features of these platforms, like investment options, offers, and promotions. This will help you understand which stock broker aligns best with your requirements.

Zerodha vs Dhan: Overview

Zerodha vs Dhan

You might have noticed both Zerodha and Dhan are grabbing attention in the market as share brokers.

Dhan specializes in mobile-centric financial services, while Zerodha, a pioneering discount brokerage, offers online trading solutions for stocks, commodities, and derivatives.

So, before going for a detailed analysis, let us understand some key insights about both companies. 

Broker TypeDiscount BrokerDiscount Broker
Exchange MembershipNSE, BSE, MCX, and NCDEXNSE, BSE, MCX
Clients70 Lakh+4 lakh+
Total Client PercentageNear 20% Near 1%
Founder and Co-FounderNikhil Kamath and Nithin KamathPravin Jadhav
Branches22 branch offices, 94 partner offices, and 6 support + call and trade offices other than the Banglore Head office1
Head OfficeBangloreMumbai

Zerodha vs Dhan: Key Features Comparison

To make the right decision between Zerodha and Dhan, you need to understand a comparative analysis of the key features of these trading platforms.

Here is a detailed feature analysis of both Zerodha and Dhan

1. Account opening charges

With Dhan, you can open a free trading account. On the other hand, Zerodha charges you around Rs. 200 for opening a demat account. Also, to trade in commodities, there is a Rs 100 additional charge in Zerodha. 

2. Brokerage charges

Both Dhan and Zerodha offer you similar brokerage charges. Zero brokerage charges for your equity delivery and 0.03% or Rs 20 (lower one) per executed order for your intraday and F&O order execution.

3. Investment Options

Both Zerodha and Dhan offer you various investment options. It includes stocks, commodities, currencies, direct mutual funds, bonds/NCDs, and IPOs. 

4. Offers and Promotion

Dhan offers 50% off on brokerage for women. So, Dhan will charge you only Rs. 10 for intraday and F&O.

5. Customer Support

Zerodha can offer you better customer service than any other stockbroker. This is because of Zerodha’s long-term position as a dominant business in this sector. 

6. Regulatory

Both Zerodha and Dhan are regulated by SEBI. Therefore, they are required to comply with SEBI’s rules and regulations.

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7. Trading platforms

Both Zerodha and Dhan offer you various trading platforms;

Zerodha Trading Platforms

1. Kite Web – Offers you a variety of order types, customizable layouts, charting tools, and a user-friendly interface.

2. Kite Mobile App – Offers you an interface for mobile. 

3. Console – Allows you to view your trade history, portfolio performance, tax reports, etc. 

4. Coin – Allows you to buy and sell mutual funds. 

5. Sentinel – Allows you to create price alerts. 

Dhan Trading Platforms

1. Dhan App – Mobile app for trading stocks, ETFs, F&Os, IPOs, currencies, and commodities.

2. Dhan Web – Web-based platform for investments.

3. Dhan Options Trading Web – Desktop app for F&O trading.

4. Dhan Options Trading App – Mobile app for F&O trading.

8. Margin offered

In June 2020, SEBI issued a circular that fixed leverage margins for all stock brokers. The circular stated that stock brokers are not allowed to offer higher margins than defined capping.

Therefore, both Zerodha and Dhan offer 5x leverage (20% margin) on trade value. This is purely based on the stock you buy. 

9. Annual Maintenance Charges

Zerodha charges you Rs 75 quarterly (300 yearly) for Account Maintenance Charges. But Dhan charges you nothing for AMC.

A few other account feature comparison is shown in below table;

FeaturesZerodha Dhan
NRI TradingNoYes
Online DemoYesYes
3 in-1 account NoYes
Combined Ledger for Equity and CommodityNoYes
Square-Off time (Intraday)3:20 pm3:10 pm
Pay-in and Payout OptionsPay-in – UPI, Cheque, bank transfer via IMPS, NEFT, RTGSPayout – Bank Transfers onlyUPI, RTGS, IMPS, Net banking, Smart Find Transfer using NEFT

Zerodha And Dhan: Pros And Cons

If you are trying to choose between Zerodha and Dhan, knowing the pros and cons is important to make an informed decision. Both of these trading platforms offer many benefits, but there are drawbacks, too. 

Pros and Cons of Zerodha

India’s No. 1 trading platformCharges Rs. 200 Account opening charges
Free equity delivery tradesCharges Rs. 75 (quarterly) Annual maintenance charges
Best trading platform (Kite)Lifetime AMC plans not available
NRI trading availableDoesn’t offer tips for trading
Direct investment in mutual fundsNo 3-in-1 account

Pros and Cons of Dhan

Pros Cons
No account opening chargesDoesn’t offer a 3-in-1 account
Free equity delivery tradesNRI trading is not available
No Annual Maintenance ChargesNo 3-in-1 account
Offers discount for women tradersDoesn’t offer tips for trading
Offers ready-made portfolios (small cases)No installable trading terminal

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both Zerodha and Dhan offer you competitive features. While Zerodha offers you a robust trading platform, Dhan impresses with its free account opening with discounts for women.

Ultimately, the choice is yours to make. The decision comes with your preferences and financial requirements. 


1. What are the major differences between Zerodha and Dhan?

The main difference you can see is the account opening fees and AMC. While Zerodha charges Rs 200 for opening and 75 (quarterly) for AMC, Dhan charges nothing.

2. Is Zerodha better than Dhan?

It purely depends on your preferences and requirements. The choice depends on features like fees, customer service, and trading experience.

3. Are Dhan and Zerodha reliable brokers?

Both Dhan and Zerodha are reliable stock brokers that are regularized by SEBI and registered in NSE and BSE.

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