Univest App Review: Investment Excellence or Just Another Platform?

Univest App Review

Explore this guide for a detailed Univest app review. Also, understand key features and pros and cons to get the best returns from investments.

Are you tired and frustrated of using different online apps to effectively handle your portfolio and invest in the stock market? Look no further than the Univest app.

It is mainly a fintech platform that helps users take charge of all their investments.

This unique platform offers financial knowledge, and shares valuable investing tips so that you can put your money in stocks strategically.

After it got its first exposure in the market, investors wanted to know whether the platform is actually beneficial or not. If you belong to that category, continue reading this comprehensive Univest app review.

Univest App Review: Exploring The Features

Univest App Review

The Univest app is a SEBI-registered stock advisor application that helps in navigating stocks, investments, and wealth management to grow your money efficiently.

This was founded by Pranit Arora in 2022 to help investors make smart decisions when purchasing and selling stocks. 

Below are some key features of the Univest app that have gained the attention of finance enthusiasts.

Research and Invest in One Place

One of the most significant features of the Univest app is that it helps users conduct comprehensive research on stock and other investment options within this one online platform.

So, if you are a long-term investor or a new trader, you can start your journey with this app as it gives complete guidance.

What increases its value is its broad range of offered services. Also, now, you do not need to explore multiple options and information to make a decision. It offers more convenience and helps in the process of decision-making by providing solutions to all investment needs.

Experts’ Recommendations

Another prominent feature of the Univest app is that it offers access to experts’ recommendations. So, you can always get assistance if you are unsure about any specific investment or a new investor. The experienced investors in the Uninvest app talk about the current investment market sentiments and describe briefly what you may expect when you invest.

They offer investment suggestions that come with detailed explanations and rationales. You can get expert recommendations on market trends, stock picks, fund allocations, etc. However, it is also advisable to cross-check information and do your own research before investing.

Live Portfolio Updates

The Univest app brings you the real-time and the latest news coming from the market. You will get to about all the changes in your overall returns, asset value, and portfolio allocation. Having the current updates is essential if you invest in stock because the updates or changes directly impact the stock price.

With the live portfolio update feature of the Univest app, you can track your investment progress and check your performance relative to targets. Additionally, the visualization tools and advanced analytics of the Uninvest app help investors know the dynamics of their portfolios.

Morning Reports

The best part of using the Univest app is that it allows investors to consume the morning reports before the market opens. So, as a result, it helps you understand what you may expect in the overall trading session.

This gives a clear idea of potential implications for the day ahead. This is a great way to stay updated with all the market news. Also, this feature increases your chances of getting a high return. Also, you can identify the investment areas that may offer you better opportunities.

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Pros And Cons Of Univest App

Like every other app available on the internet, the Univest app also has some advantages and disadvantages. So, before you start using it, becoming aware of the pros and cons is essential. 


  • The Univest app is absolutely free
  • It offers a single-window solution
  • The app gives users on-time market updates
  • It provides consistent expert support
  • The Univest app offers morning reports
  • You can share updates with your family and friends directly from the app


  • Insufficient information is available about the app
  • As of yet, not every feature is updated in the app
  • The website of Univest is limited and basic

Is It Completely Safe To Use The Univest App?

After the use of the Univest app, many users considered it to be a safe app. The recommendations and tools the app provides, help users make investment decisions safely. But, when it comes to losing money, the app cannot give any guarantee.

It is because your gain always depends on your investment style, risk tolerance, and market conditions. If necessary, you can conduct thorough research about this app to ensure safety.

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Final Thoughts

In summary, the unique features of Univest are what set the app apart from its competitors. So, if you are an investor or a newcomer in the investment world, you may try it and make the most of your investments with their expert suggestions.

The best part is that it lets you share expert advice with your closed ones easily. 


1. Does the Univest app give investment tips?

With the Univest app, you can get useful strategies or recommendations from experts. It can help you make a sound decision and increase your chances to make a profit from your investment.

2. Can an investor invest in the stock market using the Univest app?

Yes, certainly. The Univest app helps you invest in the stock market directly. It is a beginner-friendly app with lots of advanced features. So, you can use it to invest in stocks safely.

3. How can you contact the team of the Univest app?

It is easy to contact the team of the Univest app. You can visit their website to get the contact details. So, either you can call or drop an email. Also, they are available on different social media platforms as well.

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