Grip Invest Review – 5 Alternative Investment Options

Grip Invest Review

Curious about the Grip Invest Review? Explore investment opportunities, and how they work, and weigh the features to make smart investment decisions.

With fixed deposit returns staying low and alternative investment funds requiring hefty sums, small investors seek diverse options.

Fintech platforms like Grip Invest have emerged as top players in the market, solving small-ticket investors’ problems and helping them find high-return investment opportunities under a single platform. 

Diving into investments beyond stocks, I realized diversification is vital. Grip Invest stands out with non-market-linked options.

In a mere span of three years, this investment platform has garnered around 2.5 million registered users in India with its unique business model. 

In this review, we will understand the core business concept of Grip Invest to decipher how it makes money to pay its investors a promised return and how investors can benefit from its diversified clientele of 70+ companies leasing their assets with Grip Invest.  

What Is Grip Invest, And How Does It Work?

GRIP Invest Review

Grip Invest is a new-age fintech startup based in Gurgaon, India, aiming to help investors diversify their portfolios.

Its platform provides a shared marketplace for low-ticket investors looking for non-market-linked investment opportunities and startups aiming to raise growth capital for their assets and equipment.

Here’s how it works- Grip buys assets that startups and companies want to lease and then lets investors invest their money in owning a part of them.

Companies pay a lease to Grip, which becomes its income and gets distributed among investors as regular monthly returns.

If the lessee fails to pay back the lease, Grip sells those assets to recover the lease amount and pay back its investors.

The duration for these lease-backed investments varies from 6 months to 5 years or more, with a stipulated monthly return promised as 17% on Grip Invest’s official website. 

Currently, at the time of this review, multiple investment options are available at Grip Invest, including startup equity and commercial properties. We will discuss that later in our blog. 

Grip Invest Review: Is It Safe For Investment?

Due to the lack of regulatory bodies and authorities for non-market-linked investment opportunities, some risk is always involved while investing through any such online platform. 

However, Grip Invest has established itself as a trustable investment platform with its risk management policies and stringent due diligence. 

In fact, this startup has maintained a default rate of 0 to 0.3% in the span of 3 years since its inception. It uses precise inspection to identify and curate risk-adjusted opportunities for its investors and partners with companies with a higher credit score and low risk of causing a default.

Moreover, to create a safe investing experience for its investors, it uses special technologies to keep personal details like PAN and Aadhar safe.  

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5 Investment Options At Grip Invest With Expected Returns

If you are keen to know more about how and where you can invest with Grip Invest, here are the top investment options available at Grip with their expected rate of returns and repayment period. 

Options and their Returns1. Lease Rentals2. Corporate Bonds3. Startup Equity4. Inventory Finance5. Commercial Properties
Minimum InvestmentRs 200000Rs 10000Rs 200000Rs 10000Rs 100000
RepaymentMonthly or QuarterlyMonthlyOn ExitMonthlyQuarterly
Expected ReturnsUpto 17% Pre-tax IRRUpto 11% Pre-tax YTMVolatile10-12% Pre-tax YieldUpto 11% Pre-tax Yield

Note: These returns can vary as per market fluctuations and Grip’s policies.

Pros and Cons of Grip Invest

Grip Invest is a platform offering high returns with low-risk investment opportunities. Here are some pros and cons you can use to evaluate Grip Invest before you consider investing with this platform. 

Pros of Grip Invest

  • Complete transparency to investors regarding risks and rewards 
  • Useful for investors looking for alternative investment opportunities
  • Diverse  investment opportunities with a flexible investment size
  • Regular monthly returns instead of one-time returns
  • Performs due diligence to provide the best returns
  • Let’s you invest with a simple login process 

Cons of Grip Invest

  • No tax benefit on your Investments
  • Investments you make have a lock-in period
  • Liquidity risk involved due to lack of regulatory bodies

How Do You Earn As An Investor With Grip Invest? 

You can earn monthly fixed returns of up to 17% by investing in assets leased by companies or by investing in early-age startups looking to raise growth capital. Moreover, you can track and monitor all your investments and returns with Grip Invest’s unique dashboard. 

Who Should Invest With Grip Invest?

Investors who don’t have a lot of capital but want higher returns with high value and high growth assets can invest with Grip Invest. 

Also, individual investors aged above 18 years can invest with Grip Invest with a minimum investment amount of 10000 Rs required for lease rentals and inventory finance. 

However, it is advised to read all the terms and practice caution before investing in any security.  

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Final Thoughts: Grip Invest Investment Feedback

According to our analysis, Grip Invest is a useful platform for small-ticket investors looking for diverse investment opportunities with high growth returns. 

Moreover, this startup has managed to grow continuously for four years in a row According to the latest post by the Economic Times, Grip Invest has raised $10 million in equity and debt by January 2024.

This platform has garnered favorable reviews among thousands of its investors. But before you start your investment journey with this platform, we highly recommend doing your first-hand research while evaluating all the parameters. 


1. Is grip safe for investment?

Trusted by over 2.5 million registered users, Grip Invest is a safe platform for finding non-market-linked investment opportunities with high growth returns.

2. What is the minimum investment in Grip?

The minimum investment in Grip varies according to investment options. For leasing and inventory finance, the minimum investment amount is Rs 10000. However, for commercial real estate, this minimum investment is Rs 100000.

3. Is Grip Invest SEBI approved?

Grip is a licensed online bond platform provider registered with SEBI. Moreover, it is also registered as a stockbroker in the National Stock Exchange debt segment.

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