Which Trading App is Best in India in 2023

Which Trading App is Best in India

Want to know which trading app is best in India? Check out this list of the top 5 trading apps and their best features in India for 2023.

Today, online trading through the best trading platform in India 2023 allows investors and institutes to handle their cycle of buying and selling directly.

This provides enough understanding of the market dynamics and sharpens the money-making skills of the parties involved in the investment cycle. 

Why is Trading Important? 

Online trading has boosted the total number of investors globally and in India. For one to buy and sell stocks and begin trading, it is compulsory to have a Demat account.

Only then can one begin trading by analyzing the opportunity and risks associated with it and planning a trading strategy accordingly.

Why Do You Need A Trading Account?

A trading account is similar to that a bank account. The only difference is that the trading accounts are managed and administered by the stockbrokers who handle the buying and selling of securities.

A bank account is linked with the trading account for providing the liquid assets/cash as and when necessary for further buying and selling the securities.  

Anyone willing to start trading and looking to use the best trading platform in India for beginners can open a Demat account and begin the trading journey.

One can carry out the trade by buying and selling securities like stocks, gold, bonds, commodities, etc. 

Individuals and businesses can open trading accounts to carry out a trade involving buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, options, commodities, derivatives, and futures.

Best Trading App in India in 2022 

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to uncover the best trading apps in India that beginners and mid-level traders most prefer. 

#1. Groww

Which Trading App is Best in India

Groww is the best trading platform for beginners in India with its easy and simple user interface and free trading options in MFs. 

What’s Good About Groww?

  • The user can open a Free Groww Demat account at his fingertips 
  • All the work is paperless and done in a flash 
  • Offers a wide range of products for investment, including FD, equities, commodities, stocks, mutual funds, and many more.
  • Zero pay commission or zero brokerage fees to invest in mutual funds.

#2. Zerodha

Which online trading app is best in India

Zerodha has a convenient user interface and is the best trading app India that supports investment through advanced traders and beginners in trading.

What’s Good About Zerodha?

  • Allows quick and faster display of market data with advanced charts and an easy and attractive interface
  • Helps gain deep analysis and insights on trades daily on the overall portfolio
  • Depicts the brokers and other charges through the View Breakdown option
  • Allows free delivery of equity without any Fee for brokerage  
  • Allows to directly invest in mutual funds without any fee or commission charges
  • Allows hiking of 20x and provides intraday trading options 
  • Gives the option of opening a three-in-one account which will have a demat+trading+bank account together  
  • Directly allows Initial Public Offerings or IPOs

#3. Angel Speed Pro

Which app is best for intraday trading in India

Angel Speed Pro is an Online trading application powered by Angel Broking. It is the best mobile trading platform in India that offers full-time services of stockbrokers. 

What’s Good About Angel Speed Pro?

  • Offers a wide range of products for trading to start with. It has equities, mutual funds, derivatives, facilities for margin trading, currency, and many more. 
  • Offers live visuals of rates and fluctuations to enable decision-making in trade instantly 
  • Helps to analyze and evaluate the entire investments at once through the high-end stocks in the portfolio, which are inbuilt
  • Enables a rapid and speedy order placement process
  • The application is an Omni device, meaning it has very easy usage on all iOS and Android devices. 
  • Provides real-time and instant new flashes about trading dynamics. 

#4. ICICI Direct

Which trading app is best in India 2023

ICICI Direct is an online trading service provider under the ICICI group. The app is popular due to its easy-to-use analytical tools that assist trading. The tools include live charting, graphs, profit and loss statements, etc. Moreover, it allows the investors to view a detailed statement of the equity and derivatives. 

What’s Good About ICICI Direct?

  • Allows investors from all stages to indulge in trading.
  • Offers a platform to allow easy buying and selling with the quick placement of orders. 
  • Has visuals like heat maps using green and red colours to depict high to low values of a particular stock 
  • It brings a broad range of products, right from stocks, mutual funds, FD, and insurance to commodity, equity ETFs, and many more.
  • Provides advice and research to show the future potentials of stock and eventually guide the trading process.

#5. ShareKhan

Which trading app is best for trading

Share Khan is a trading application in India that provides real-time and instant news flashes about trading dynamics to help shape your money-making skills.  

What’s Good About ShareKhan?

  • Offers you the facility of advanced search options through the search bar about trade, investments, alert settings, etc
  • The charts and studies in Sharekhan provide in-depth knowledge about the market dynamics.
  • The option chain features help you track your entire portfolio on a single page.


When it comes to which trading app is best in India, you will have to consider a lot of factors such as the number of features and tools it provides, the ease of use, and the potential risk involved.

For a beginner, starting with a trading app with a simple interface, real-time data, and a simple position adjustment tool is best.

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#1. When Can I Start Trading?

To start trading, you must open a Demat account (an account that holds your financial securities in the digital platform). In India, you must be an adult that is 18 and above to start trading.

#2. How can you Start Trading?

– First of all, you need to find an online stockbroker. 
– Open a Demat or trading account.
– Login to your Demat account using appropriate credentials and add liquid cash to it to buy and sell securities
– Read and review details about the stock and start trading.

#3. Is it trading Safe in India?

Yes! India provides a safer base for trading if you hold a Demat account and wish to start trading. All the online stockbrokers are verified and registered under SEBI, an authoritarian body that regulates trading in India.

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