How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market?

How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day in Share Market

How to earn Rs 1000 per day in share market? It requires careful planning and execution. Find some tips to make the most of your investment.

How to earn Rs 1,000 per day is what most of us think! It’s possible if you understand where to invest and which are the right shares to buy.

But wait, how well-versed are you with share market investment? 

Earning Rs. 1,000 daily through the share market is an easy-to-achieve task. And what if we tell you, you don’t require industry-heavy knowledge to do that?

In 2021, the stock trading apps generated a business of $22.8 billion, where over 130 million people used trading apps.

In this write-up, we shall briefly explore the stock market and how to earn 1000 rupees in one hour online.

Let’s explore!

Making Money From Stock Market 

Thinking about how to earn money in the share market daily, well you need three things:

  • A beginning investment of a minimum of Rs 10,000
  • A Demat and Trading Account with minimum brokerage charges
  • Good internet accessibility for everyday trading

How to Earn Rs 1000 in Share Market Daily?

If you want to earn 1000 rs per day online, you first need to open a trader account and transfer the required funds into the account if your broker is good enough to provide you with 5x leverage.

Your regular income in the trading app largely depends on the capital you invest. The more you are willing to put in capital, the easier it would be to generate 1000 bucks a day. 

To instantly start making this income, you should spend Rs 50,000. You can start with less too, but it would require more time to win trades.

Case Study

Thinking about how to earn 1000 rupees per day online, connect with your broker who gives you leverage which helps you buy more shares. There are different leverage rates for different types of stocks.

Suppose you decide to trade a certain intraday stock, say TATA Motors. You have 10,000 in your trading account. Your broker offers you a 5x leverage. So, you can buy stocks worth 50,000.

Now, you buy 500 securities at Rs. 100 per share for just Rs 10,000. Directly, if the share prices increase by Rs 4 per share the next day, you can sell and earn a profit of 2000 in a day.

However, if you invested 50,000, you would have 5000 shares. Even if the price moved up for just Rs 1, you would have made Rs 5000 profits in one day. That’s the advantage of making more investments.

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3 Ways to Earn Money in Stock Market in India

It’s finally time to look at three ways to earn money in the Stock Market. Let’s dive in!

#1. Intraday Trading

How to earn 1000 Rs per day from Share Market

If you have been asked, ‘can I start intraday trading with 1000 rupees, here is your answer. 

In Intraday trading, you must focus on voluminous and highly liquid shares. The volume here is referred to the number of shares that get passed daily. At the end of the trading hours, positions get closed every day. The stock’s liquidity position at this time is what the profit counts on.

One important thing here is to take enough time before planning to invest in a given stock. Other observations and analyses should be considered only when you are satisfied with your own. If you are unsure of any stock, you should not consider investing in them.

The right way to do it is by making a list of 6-10 stocks you think are best and begin researching them. Take note of price fluctuations of these shares.

#2. Futures & Stocks Trading

How can I earn 1000 per day in Share Market

The Futures & options segment of the NSE has some securities. For F & O segment shares, the Futures & Options are the trading instruments.

The Futures & Options trade values keep fluctuating as per the underlying share price. Thus, a reliance Future share would depend on the; price of the reliance share, and so on.

Futures & Options securities come with two things:

  1. Lot Size
  2. Expiry Date 

So, if you want to buy ICICI shares, you can purchase the shares of ICICI with different expiry months.

ICICI futures has a lot size of 405. Thus, if the price goes up by one rupee, you would make 405.

Now, if you expect the price of ICICI shares to go up in July by 10 rupees, and it does, then you make a profit of 405*10=4050.

The hard truth here is that if the price doesn’t go up within the predicted time, you will be required to quit the Futures position by the month’s end.

#3. Swing Trading

How to earn 500 per day in Share Market

Any trader comes into the Swing trade to stay there for a few days. A Rs 1000 profit in Swing is not common. But with the right moves, you can win the targets in a few days.

For instance, if the Government declares that a given company will be privatized, and the deadline for bidding is 31st June. Now, with a view that the stock’s value might increase anytime before the deadline, and you buy a considerable number of such shares by 5th June. 

If your predictions become right, you will get your profit within a few days.

The capital requirement for Swing trading is more than for intraday trading.

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Key Takeaways

So, what do you take from the write-up? Read what’s given below to know:

  • Do not put borrowed money into trading. Ensure that it is yours
  • Put the money into the trading account you don’t require any time soon.
  • Better take smaller shots because smaller profits are better than big losses
  • Stay in the playground if you want to win. Don’t put everything at once.
  • Take help from others but make your trading strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How much can I earn from the share market daily?

The amount you make from the Trade market highly depends on your strategy, moves, and capital. If you hold 300 shares of 10 rs each, and the price goes up by 5 rs, you can sell that and earn a profit of 1500.

#2. Can we start from 1000 rupees in the share market?

The minimum investment into the trading account is 10,000. Only then can you buy, stay and earn profits.

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